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Raiders of Baozi’s Art of War (Part 1): The dog who made Cixi dragon happy

When My Younger Brother Came Back From Tokyo a While Ago, He Mentioned That His Classmates When He Was Studying in Tokyo Thought That Taiwanese People Were Eating Xiaolongbao Every Day, Which Made Him Laugh and Laugh. But for Foreigners, Xiaolongbaos Reputation is Much Louder Than Braised Pork Rice or Beef Noodles. It All Naturally Started With the Rise of Din Tai Fung . The Late Gourmet Mr. Tang Lusun Was Originally From Peiping and Had High Requirements for Buns. After Coming to Taiwan, He Always Lamented That He Could Not Eat Delicious Buns. It Was Not Until He Ate Ding Tai Tang, Which Had Just Changed From an Oil Store to the Predecessor of


Din Tai Fung That He Was Finally Satisfied. .

Eating Xiao Long Bao is a Struggle Between the Photo Retouching Service Mouth and Tongue and the Hot Soup, So Maybe in Japan, It is Deeply Contained in the Hot Takoyaki, and Then While Talking About Hot, the Mouth Communicates With the Outside Air to Slowly Cool Down to Enjoy the Hot Food. Taoist Kansai People May Be More Fascinated by Xiaolongbao Than Kanto People. Its Just That the Soup of the Essence of Xiaolongbao is Really Not Easy to Control. Some People Will First Pick It Up and Put It in a Spoon to Pierce the Dough, So That the Soup Will Flow Out, and Then Eat the Steamed

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Buns After Draining the Soup. However,

This Method Destroys the Sense of BTC Database AS Oneness, Which is Equivalent to Drinking Soup With Side Dishes and Losing the Meaning of Eating Steamed Buns. But if You Wait for the Buns to Cool. Before Eating, the Deliciousness Greatly Reduced. Therefore, if You Are Not Afraid of Being Hot, You. Can Naturally Enter Directly Like the Osaka People, and Puff Up Your Cheeks to Adjust the Temperature While Exhaling. Those With Weak Mouths Can. Use Chopsticks to Poke a Small Hole in the Top of the Xiaolongbao to Blow Air to Cool Down, and. Then Swallow It in One Mouthful.

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