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Realities about employment that every entrepreneur

In this book you will find important reflections to understand that employment limits professional growth, does not determine in any way the value of a person and constitutes one of the least convenient ways to invest the precious and limited time that we all have in life. Employment and work are not synonymous, although a great majority of people understand it that way due to the mental paradigm that has shaped the system since the industrial revolution. Employment is only one option to generate income, and it is not exactly the most profitable or productive.

Content of the Book

The meaning of employment in professional life employment as an option for income generation employment and professional growth employment and happiness of people the “cult” of employment and retirement 10 reasons to consider yourself Photo Retouching a happy unemployed employment does not determine the value of a person if i don’t have a job, what options do i have? More information: book 9 realities about employment that every entrepreneur should know. Are you facing difficulties that prevent the growth of your business? In today’s video i share advice with tips and strategies to grow your business. Do you want to improve the results of your business? Do not miss anything and subscribe to my course.

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Happens if I What if I go bankrupt what if I can no longer work due to illness or accident? These are just some of the questions that every entrepreneur asks himself before leaving his job and dedicating himself fully to his own business. But clear your BTC Database AS doubts, forget about fear and move on, now you are on top of something that you thought was not possible, you already carry your own weight and you are the owner of a rising business. It is true that things will not be easy, because they will not be. But if you manage to set up your own business, maintaining it will cost you a little less than what it cost you to set it up.

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