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Remarketing 31 setup errors and how to fix them

At any time in our lives we have all found that one of our electronic devices does not work, whether we are talking about a microwave oven, a computer or a television. After the uncertainty, someone comes along and suggests a question “is it plugged in?”. We couldn’t see the easiest solution to the problem. The main reason why your remarketing campaign is not working is because it is not set up correctly. Before your remarketing campaign is ready to go, there are a few factors that you need to make sure are set up correctly in order to ensure it works properly. First, you need to build a remarketing campaign by setting up an audience source.

Different budgets must be placed

Remarketing you will do it in the audience manager in google ads after this, you will make a configuration of the google ads tag: remarketing you can see the “set up tag” button on the left next, you can continue with the steps of creating the Philippines Phone Number List data source, installing the global site tag on all the pages of your website and finally confirming that the tag has been added. I can’t specify how important it is to be sure the tag has been installed correctly. You can’t do any remarketing without having a tag . Keep in mind, it’s like trying to turn on a microwave oven without it being plugged in.

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These are two essential foundations

Use all the advanced correction strategies and tactics in the world, but nothing will work until you connect it. And you don’t have to worry, you can reach out to google’s. Development team or tag manager for support when installing the tag. After you’ve set everything up correctly, it’s time to start creating audiences! Error 2: you have disabled your BTC Database AS campaign structure campaign structure is very important for remarketing, especially if you have a large audience and multiple remarketing offers to deal with. For example, you’ll be able to build remarketing lists through lookalike audiences, custom audiences, sources, and more. Because these types of audiences may have bid variations and different temperatures. They may also contain changes in budget settings for each campaign type.

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