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You will have all the keys in hand for an enriching brainstorming Do you know the visual path? A data to master in graphic design 3 years ago 1838 All graphic design requires special skills: this is why companies are encouraged to collaborate with designers whose job it is . The latter mobilize technical notions, such as that of the visual path . Find out why it is essential to take this aspect into account when thinking about a visual communication project. It is possible to anticipate the behavior of the eye! Who can claim to know how the target will look at a communication brochure, a website or any presentation ? Unexpectedly, these are things that can be learned and, when mastered, they allow professionals to get the right message across, in the best possible way.

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The reader does not necessarily start at the beginning to read in a disciplined way all the content from beginning to end. Instead, it will initiate a process of diagonal scanning , looking at intertitles or highlighted sentences. The same applies to a communication brochure or a site . The audience is always captivated by details first, then their initial Wedding Photo Editing impressions lead them to invest more in the medium or to abandon it. It is therefore necessary to take into account the stages through which the recipient passes before constructing the speech. Ensure that it is understood and integrated as expected! Graphic designer How does our gaze travel through communication media? There is no single way to consult a communication medium. This is the reason why mastering the visual path remains very complex, requires experience.

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An idea of ​​the main trends in this area, we can identify a first postulate: reading in Z is part of the habits. The gaze begins by going from left to right, it descends diagonally and then repeats. This same horizontal path a little lower. The upper left part remains the one that attracts the most attention in many cases (this is why important elements such as the BTC Database AS logo are inserted there, to clearly recognize the company. There are other common visual path rules: our eyes tend to go clockwise and spend more. Graphic designer Notions to put into perspective with each project. It is very important to understand the stakes of the visual path before each project. Because it allows to better prioritize the information and to adapt the layout to the behaviors.

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