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In the past 2 years we have had and taken a lot of time to think about our work. Are we still happy with what we do? Do we still get enough energy from our work? Important questions to ask yourself, because happiness at work starts with yourself. And if you are a happier person, you will automatically work more productively.

In this article I take you to the most interesting learnings from 15 articles about ‘working smarter’. From happiness, time VP R&D Email Lists and place to work tips and tools for smarter working. After reading this summer read, you are all set to get started fresh, purposeful, happy and with a new dose of self-knowledge during or after the summer holidays.

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happiness at work

We have been sitting at home for a long time, followed by varying home work advice from the government and now we are looking for a new balance. Recognizable?

orldwide research shows that in the period from October 2020 to October 2021, happiness at work decreased by 3.5%. In addition, LinkedIn also saw a 31% growth in the number of LinkedIn members who change jobs year after year. The job hoppers. Where it used to be normal to stay your whole life (or a large part) with the same employer, as a starter you are now looked at strangely if you have been working somewhere for 5 years.

The main reason to look for another job?

  1. Poor work-life balance,
  2. disappointing compensation and working conditions, and
  3. the culture within a company.

Number 1 stands head and shoulders above the rest as a reason. 87% of employees want to continue working remotely. We think flexibility is important.

Self-perception + social perception = perceptual intelligence

If the above 3 things are completely in order, and you are comfortable in your own skin, and your perceptual intelligence is on fleek , then there is a good chance that you are happy. Perceptual intelligence… a difficult concept, but important for your happiness at work!

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