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Ttter establish your expertise. It is then when sharing your articles that you will have more interactions, so it is interesting to mix posts with nourishe exchanges between your different relationships. Launch a debate around a trending subject and intervene to relaunch it. Being active on LinkedIn will then eventually pay off if you are looking for visibility while working on your e-reputation. Infographics Infographics have a double interest when producing content from a website or a blog. At first they are viral, and therefore easily re-share by members of your network. It is a content that is consume very.

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Quickly because the information is very succinct with figures illustrating all the points raise in general. So the more subscribers you have, the more beneficial it will be for you. Secondly, it’s a good way to work on your natural referencing and gain backlinks . As soon Luxembourg Phone Number List as you share an infographic, you should encourage people to mention the source of it, with the link pointing to it on your site. Your content will then be able to gain authority and thus allow you to take positions on Google in the long term. Short or brief articles As a rule, people don’t like to read long articles online, but paradoxically, they are the ones that lead to.

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Better SEO Therefore alternate between long and short articles but with a dominance of short articles or briefs on LinkedIn. Internet users have less and less time to devote to reading. At that time you can produce content specific to LinkedIn by favoring short posts, with an appropriate editorial line. Videos and webinars Video remains one of the most BTC Database AS shared content on social networks and the most consumed because of the platforms dedicated to this format. Prefer if you can, a native sharing, that is to say upload the video on LinkedIn in order to obtain the favors of the algorithm. If applicable, and if you have a YouTube channel to promote, share your links from your YouTube channel . Webinars and lives , which are also in video format, also attract Internet.

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