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Rock Content an Incredible Oman Phone Number

Rock Content has an opportunity for those who love SEO and are looking for the opportunity to work in a global company: we have a remote position as an analyst in the best SEO team in Latin America to take care of our blog in Spanish. (Soon we will also be in all of America, wait for us!)

Rock Content ‘s blog in Spanish is the largest on Content Marketing in the language and is a reference not only in Latin America, but also in Europe, where it was chosen as one of the best contents by the Spanish Marketing Association .

In addition, it is one of the strongest strategic pillars of Rock Content, a world leader in Content Marketing, with a strong Oman Phone Number presence in Mexico, the States and Brazil. Globally, we attract 7 million visitors to our blogs in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Rock Content not only sells the best solutions for scaling businesses through content, but since 2013, we’ve been applying what we stand for and showcasing our results to prove they work.

And It’s Just Right for This Global Seo

Google’s Core Web Vitals are about a lot more than just having all the green lights on Yoast, right?For this position. it is essential that the person has impeccable Spanish (native or not) and English . We are a global company with 400 Rockers working . 20 countries and English is our default language for internal communication.

The vacancy is remote. Nationality does not matter, but this person to live in any city in Mexico or in Brazil, where we are . It is not necessary to know Portuguese.

Oman Phone Number

Apply for the Vacancy of Seo Analyst

About Rock Content and our blog in Spanish
Our company was born in 2013 in Brazil and, at the time, our SEO was already a success, since we to position ourselves for difficult keywords such as SEO and Digital Marketing.

I am Colombian, and in this process of growth in SEO. I that, although my mother tongue is Spanish. My cultural experience in Colombia was not exactly the same as in Mexico. So we only to get Rock Content in Spanish off the ground when.

That’s how I fell in love with SEO: thinking international and observing multiculturalism.

With the international mindset , and together with my team. We also grew our blog in English for the States by 300% in just one year. We continue to learn and scale results in our 3 main countries Mexico, Brazil and the States.

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