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Segment Your Blog Content to Generate Cayman Islands Phone Number

Effective marketing is personal marketing The generic “10 tips” blog post and seamless email explosion can no longer be the tactic of choice in the modern marketing toolbox.

While segmenting your audience in email marketing is relatively common, segmenting your readers when creating blog and article content isn’t as familiar to most marketers. In this article, we explain how to segment your blog content to generate more leads and more sales.


But first, let’s get on the same page about the term. A segment is a defined group of people within your market and is similar to a buyer persona.

Let’s take the fictional Acme fitness center and  break down its audience into segments. First, we identify what is about customers, like:

Generate more leads

To attract leads, the fitness center hosts three blogs – each designed to reach one of the company’s audience segments. With every post, the company includes an opportunity to capture the reader. For example, an article for the. Men’s Muscle Cayman Islands Phone Number Gain blog includes a link at the bottom for a free e-book. The Men’s Diet Tips Guide: Building More Muscle . When they click on the link, readers are to a “door” -. Aa custom squeeze page or lead box – before they can open the e-book.

HubSpot does this lead generation segment well with a call to action on its blog.

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This email contains links to three helpful blog posts with muscle-building related videos, filmed by the fitness experts at Acme Fitness.

This automated email sequence would be significantly more powerful than a universal email sequence – and all because the main source (the blog targeted at a specific market segment) allowed for more targeted follow-up and probably a lot higher. conversion rate to meeting or sale.

Moreover, these segment-oriented blogs or even blog posts are great content to help the business rank on search engines and serve as good social media fodder.

Close more sales

Since newsletter subscribers, some prospects, and past customers have provided their email addresses, they are more qualified than prospects who come through social media or search engines. We need another type of segment-specific content for this category of “already subscribed” people to consume.

A piece of content designed to educate existing subscribers includes a call to action to take them to the next step in the buying process. Let’s look at some examples of how this strategy would apply to our fictional Acme Fitness Center.

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