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SEO strategy for long content 11 tips you must follow to rank

Before you write your long content, take the time to research the best focus keyword on the topic and also consider targeting a lower competition keyword . Just make sure you do this step correctly because it will ultimately determine how successful your content is in search engines. There are many amazing tools on the internet that will make your keyword research task easy. Two of my favorites are: semrush. Ahrefs. Target long-tail keywords now, you know that you should have a focus keyword while writing your long blog content. But, what a lot of people don’t know, is that they should be targeting long-tail keywords.

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These are the kind of keywords that get super specific on any topic. Long tail keywords are usually much easier to rank for and drive highly targeted traffic. Here is an example of long tail keywords that i got from the popular tool: also, you can use the same Albania Phone Number List tool to gather as many long-tail keywords as possible. But, if you’re having trouble finding more of these keywords, another good place to look is the “related searches” section on google: optimize and clean your url cleaner and shorter urls have been confirmed to help search engines better understand what your post is about and also provide a better user experience.

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Also, you’ll want to make sure your url contains your target keyword; this will allow you to rank better. Short and concise is the best. Use a proper h1 tag your h1 tag will always be the first thing people see when they land on your blog posts. Typically, your h1 tag is usually the BTC Database AS title of your blog post. A good h1 tag can significantly affect your search engine ranking. The following chart shows the search engine ranking result obtained by a local auto parts store in houston, texas, after changing some of their page titles and h1 tags: a well-optimized h1 tag will allow search engines to better index your content. Ideally, your h1 tags should: be brief and to the point.

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