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Set Up SEO Monitoring Tools

Specialist shows a positive test result to your marketing manager during your holiday. But is your SEO performance. Also taken into account here? developer, everything functions as it should. After a test round by your product owner .

An agreement is given. To put the changes live. The key question? Are the SEO requirements. Also taken into account? Points of attention correspond to. The points mentioned above per expert.

Product Owner

Tools to check this:

  1. web crawler
  2. Set up automatic test on the test environment

Your website is temporarily down because Cyprus Mobile Number the servers are no longer available. After your server administrator has solved this problem. They will resume their daily activities. The key question: have certain SEO points of attention been taken into account?

  1. Was a ‘503 http’ status code served when the website was down?
  2. After solving the server error, was it checked. Whether Google respects your robots.txt and crawls your website again?
  3. Have important pages disappeared from the index?

Tools to check this:

Cyprus Mobile Number

Server Administrator

Unfortunately, Google isn’t going on vacation. Any action by a colleague that affects your SEO performance will be. Picked up by Google soon enough. To get ahead of Google. It is important that you take your SEO goal list and set an alert for every important KPI.

Alerts can be set at different levels. Think of traffic and website speed, but also changes in your meta tags or XML sitemap. Useful SEO monitoring tools are: Contenting, Speedcurve and Google analytics.

In the former tool, you can monitor technical SEO elements. Among other things, and retrieve historical changes if you need to debug. With Speedcurve you can monitor your website speed (both RUM and server test) and finally. You can use Google Analytics to monitor 404 pages and. Possibly signal traffic reductions.

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