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News feeds The frequency of publication. The frequency of publication depends on the theme you are working on. If there is no absolute rule to respect, it is nevertheless necessary to be. Present to be noticed on LinkedIn. Share once a day by alternating types of content, while listening to your audience. Ask questions, share short, sometimes long posts, broadcast a watch if you deem it necessary, or in the event that you produce little content, etc. It is interesting to do A/B testing to adopt the right formula, and to be able to create a distribution schedule before your presence. You’ll be able to see what works best while.

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Interviewing your audience, so you can adjust your posting frequency and refine your topics.LinkedIn is clearly the preferre social network when looking for Macedonia Phone Number List work. This platform is also essential in B2B and for companies seeking to develop their business. Being visible on LinkedIn is therefore essential for the future employee of a company as for the latter. Being spottedand recruite by employers on LinkedIn requires applying certain points that we will see below. For this, you must first be active, have an excellent profile and optimize it to absolute expert level so as not to forget anything. We tell you.

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Everything you need to consider to get hire. Before or after your reading, absolutely complete it with these 2 articles to have a global and broader vision: How to stand BTC Database AS out on LinkedIn? – Part 1 How to stand out on LinkedIn? Part 2 Some LinkedIn figures in an infographic Here are some numbers on LinkedIn , showing you the key metrics to consider. We can raise certain paradoxes, such as the average time spent on the social network which is only 17 minutes and a high average age (44 years old) which was much lower a few years ago. This amounts to saying that in France in particular, few young people who leave their studies use.

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