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Develop a profit center to manage The numbers speak for themselves. Do not put too much but enough to arouse curiosity and request an appointment as part of a job. This part can also fill the curiosity of some people who will become acquainte with your content. In terms of professional training, consider possible certifications such as Google Ads, Google digital training, Hootsuite certification, etc. Integrate if necessary, links to the programs in question or integrate media to find out more. Linkedin background and training Source Linkedin 3. The profile photo: Give a professional image Your profile photo will allow.

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You to be identified more easily and we always like to put a name to a face to have a first contact. As I will express below, a video to share on your presentation can also be a big plus. Use a professional photo to be easily identifiable and give your best. Linkedin profile picture Source Linkedin 4. The summary that introduces your profile The summary allows you to present Honduras Phone Number List your value proposition in a few words. In this case a text that will be short and sufficiently explicit. To contact a person or to seek potential customers, you must be identifiable in a few words. Use punchy phrases or relevant keywords that grab attention.

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Linkedin Summary Source Linkedin . Make a difference on your Linkedin profile After completing everything, you still have to stand out from your fellows. You must get recruiters to retain your profile more than another. 3 points to work on: Ask your colleagues, former colleagues, partners on a project, stakeholders, etc. to obtain recommendations. Recruiters will see external feedback that will support your expertise. What can make the difference. Consider introducing yourself on video and sharing the link on your profile. A well-prepared speech will allow a recruiter to get to know you better and see how you sell yourself. This can be a great exercise before a job interview.

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