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SOCIETEINFO wins BPIFrance’s tender for supplying its

Bpifrance has launched a large transformation program around data and artificial intelligence in a context of global transformation of the it department. The program, led by the chief data officer (cdo) and sponsored by general management, has several objectives, including that of setting up the data & ia platform, which is intended to become the heart of bpifrance’s is. At the same time, the ongoing cloud transformation project is inducing significant links with the industrialization work on the data & ia platform. Management’s ambition is to gradually build an external data counter to supply the portal/interface, or any other business needs relating to market data.

Finally societeinfo can act

In this context, bpifrance was looking for external data aggregation and provision services and in particular: – various data sources (external suppliers, public databases/open data, open data receptacle, social networks, etc.) – ability to make Guangdong Phone Number List disparate and heterogeneous and multisource data available – a wide range of data types (financial data, web & social network data, digitized official documents, contacts, company data, regulatory data, etc.) – support for the rationalization of the supplier portfolio – decision support tool for budget optimization – provision of an audit trail to track data choices ‍offer has been able to offer an extremely wide scope of data, including in particular legal data.

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Updating or enriching tailor made

Websites, semantic data, social networks and generic contacts for all french legal entities registered with the rcs. In addition to this data, has put in place an efficient data transfer system via ftp servers allowing bpifrance to integrate all the updates BTC Database AS concerning more than 10 million legal entities on a daily basis. ‍ are we talking about your data needs? ‍ societeinfo is a saas and api application offering a set of very broad b2b data (legal, financial, web, social networks, contacts, etc.) associated with export and data enrichment services. We also offer data offers aimed at large consumers or data players wishing to redistribute all or part of our data or services.

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