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Add a customer’s maturity to the customer lifecycle. The contact moments will then be very different in that lifecycle. Contact moments may possibly be merg, or may even be canceled. If someone has already been to your hotel 5 times, do you want to ask again and again how your customer experienc the stay? And that route description, is it still necessary?

Segment your database by counting the number of reservations or (repeat) purchases from customers. What numbers come out of that? Bas on this, you may be able to determine an alternative customer lifecycle. The same, of course, applies to the channels you use.

Swap email with another channel

If your customer is subconsciously skill and has been with you for some time, is email still the best channel to use? Or is a text message more than enough confirming that the reservation has been receiv and that you are looking forward to its arrival?

More room for commerce

If you include maturity in the segmentation of customer lifecycles, there will also be more room for commercial messages. You may be able to convince your customer to take out a subscription if they have visit you an x ​​number of times. That message is probably not relevant the very first Training Directors Email Lists time someone comes into contact with your product or service. Opting for a subscription can then replace the route description. Because three quarters on the roundabout, your customer knows that by now.

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What is the risk?

Oh well, innocent surfing on a news site or in an app, that can’t hurt, can it? Yet your click behavior (with your interests), the times, location data, telephone or computer data say a lot about you. You fit into a profile to ‘target’.

Combine that with data that becomes accessible in a different way. To quote the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP): the number of data breaches rose “explosively” last year to almost 25,000 reports, a doubling compar to 2020. About 9% of those data breaches are the result of cyber atttill fresh in our minds . The personal, test and vaccination data and the outcome of source and contact research of 6.5 million Dutch people could be seen. Accessible to the 26,000 GGD employees. It turned out that data had been stolen and trad.

At the beginning of this year, a medical center from Eindhoven announced that confidential patient data had been leak. Two months ago, it turned out that hundreds of thousands of files with personal data of residents from two Gelderland municipalities were offered on the dark web after a data breach. And a well-known zoo was the victim of.

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