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Only 27% of companies observe a good alignment of their marketing and sales teams. However, smarketing provides many advantages: better organization, increased productivity and increased turnover for the company. After several months of teleworking or partial activity, a distance may have been created between your teams. But now is the time to get back to good habits. What if you take advantage of the face-to-face recovery to set up a smarketing approach? Definition of smarketing a contraction of “sales” and “marketing”, the term smarketing refers to the process of aligning the marketing and sales teams of a company around common objectives with the aim of increasing the commercial performance and turnover of this one.

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Traditionally, the two departments already work in silos. Marketing generates leads that sales teams then turn into customers. This mode of operation creates a lack of communication between the two teams and even goes so far as to generate tension. It is not uncommon for salespeople, who expect to receive leads ready to be signed, to criticize marketing for the quality of the leads received Senegal Phone Number List or for marketing to highlight the inability of sales to convert these same leads into customers. . As a result, teams are missing out on major revenue streams and opportunities. A lack of communication which could very well be amplified after several months of teleworking, with sometimes greatly reduced activity. Want to go further ? Discover our white paper “ smarketing, an asset to boost your sales ”.

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I download the white paper why should you get into smarketing now? The sudden implementation of teleworking last march and the upheavals that certain sectors of activity have undergone have sometimes widened the gap between marketing and sales observed BTC Database AS in certain companies. However, smarketing can help you reconnect your teams. By taking a consistent approach to promoting company products and services, as smarketing calls for, you reduce tensions, misunderstandings and counterproductive efforts and you become more effective. Everyone works in harmony. Sales reps regularly report on the status of their leads. Marketing can then refine its strategy to create more sales opportunities. Optimizations that can allow you to make a difference in times of recovery.

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