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Start with an analysis of the previous charter

Everyone understands the challenges of the graphic overhaul , it seems logical to start by going back to the old codes used in visual communication. The goal, here, is to distinguish the strong points from the weak points, to know which are the assets to keep and which are the errors on which it is absolutely necessary to work on. Clearly present the identity of the company and its positioning Before letting everyone launch their ideas to modernize your visual identity, all parties must have a precise knowledge of the company’s profile, its target, its positioning . Provide all participants with the information that will enable them to structure their thinking and make relevant proposals. To help you present your company well, you can prepare a plan based on several main axes such as your mission.

You looking for a graphic designer to create a logo

Check the prices of our logo packs by clicking on the button below. SEE PRICES Provide a question answer phase Final exchange before the first thoughts: the organizer of the brainstorming withdraws punctually, to give each participant the Image Manipulation Service opportunity to ask their questions . It’s time to clear up all the doubts about the purpose of this graphic overhaul, the orientations to favor and those to avoid, etc. Give everyone time to reflect individually and in silence To allow everyone to submit their ideas , prefer writing at first. Allow about twenty minutes for all the participants to write on small supports voluntarily choose small papers, favoring synthetic remarks which launch a debate.

Graphic designer Analyze the proposals and discuss

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Once everyone’s participation has been collected, take the time to read all the suggestions aloud. Write them down on a board, then launch a mini-debate each time around each proposal. Gradually, you will have a clearer idea of ​​what you want for BTC Database AS your graphic identity, and what you do not want. Frame the debates to optimize the effectiveness of brainstorming Although the term may evoke a certain spirit of freedom or even disorganization, brainstorming deserves, against all odds, to be measured. Of course, you must let everyone speak , facilitate dialogue, give life to the debates. But to make sure that these discussions guide the drafting of. The specifications of the graphic charter, proceed step by step. Each reflection that follows a debate must relate to a very specific issue.

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