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Starting From The Corporate Marketing Scenario

According to Tencent’s official introduction, WeChat official accounts are divided into two types: “service account” and “subscription account”. Different from the subscription account type selected by most operators, a service account is an account type provided for enterprises and organizations. The main focus is also service interaction, which can be sent in groups 4 times a month. From the initial major bank service accounts and transportation service accounts to more and more brands choosing to open service account types, it can be said that companies are aiming at the larger marketing space of service accounts.

The Aggregation Page Of The Official

The official account and the applet are connect. Let’s take an example from an actual scene. You must have had this experience. When you follow the WeChat public platform of the Dior brand, in the menu column, you click the “fashion shopping” button, and then you enter the fashion selection. Shopping applet, not only that, in this applet. Through Bolivia Mobile Number List my order, you can immediately find out the information about your past shopping. Dior stores and Dior official website, what a magical process, just imagine. In the Dior brand, The data in stores, on the brand’s official website, and on. The brand’s WeChat public platform can be directly synchroniz, and points can also be accumulat simultaneously.

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Taking Jingdigital As An Example

This seems to be a simple data synchronization, but it is a huge obstacle for most brands to cross data platforms. This kind of data walled garden requires strong data access capabilities. The integration of the Dior brand on the WeChat public platform and the mini program provides an integrated user experience for users to directly complete online orders.

Why do brands need to connect the public platform with the CRM system? The fundamental problem stems from the fact that the traffic at the entrance of the WeChat official account comes from “WeChat”. On WeChat, a dominant social platform, giving up traffic in this field is giving up a huge business growth point. Official data from WeChat: GMV from WeChat mini-programs reached 800 billion in 2019. From January to August 2020, GMV rose by 210%. The online transaction ability of the official account should not be underestimat.

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