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4 steps to turn a lead into a customer

The b2b marketplace allows you to gain visibility and generate qualified leads. Leads that can then turn into customers, provided they are treated correctly. Here are the 4 steps to follow to convert your leads into customers. Reminder: the different types of leads there are 3 types of b2b leads: cold lead: request for documentation warm lead: request for a specific product hot lead: when you have the budget, the decision maker, the desired product and the purchase timing a qualified lead is a lead with an obvious interest in your products and services and on which you already have various information.

Be careful not to fall into the trap

5 points to remember on b2b marketplaces, lead verification is based on 5 points : geographical area e-mail address does society exist? Is it really a professional? Does the demand relate to your product categories? 1. Contacting: reaching prospects at the right time be Taiwan Phone Number List responsive in terms of lead-to-customer transformation, responsiveness is key. Most of the time, people submitting a request on a b2b marketplace contact several companies. You must therefore be reactive. If you are the first to respond, then you have a 50% chance of winning the deal . Do not be discouraged there is often a lag between when you receive a lead and when you manage to reach them.

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Once these have been identified

It is not always easy to contact professionals because of their busy schedule (meetings, schedules, etc.). On average, it is necessary to make 5 or 6 calls before reaching a lead. Expert advice be responsive prefer the phone. An email can however be sent in parallel with calls probe if no answer call at different times 2. Discovery: knowing how to guess the real needs of your client discovery BTC Database AS of customer needs this first meeting with the prospect will allow you to better define their needs and expectations. Once this discovery phase is complete, you will know exactly in what situation he wants to arrive. Here are 3 rules to follow for successful customer discovery. Let your prospect express himself: do not monopolize the floor and be in the exchange.

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