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SWILE integrates all commercial companies into its Salesforce CRM

Customer of societeinfo com for more than two years, swile has moved up a gear this summer by asking us to integrate directly into their salesforce crm all of our legal, administrative, web & contact data on all commercial companies in france , just that! Naturally, it was not just a question of loading a master database but of being able to update all the companies on a daily basis and of giving the capacity to the sales teams of swile to be able to easily generate contacts to engage directly from salesforce . ‍ implementation of a high-performance mass data transfer system.

This will then make it possible

Societeinfo has structured a dedicated data system containing all the legal entities registered with the rcs, their legal data, their web data (sites, social networks) as well as related contacts. It is via ftp servers that swile retrieves updated data Henan Mobile Phone Number List stocks on a weekly basis. Between each stock edition and on a daily basis, update files are transmitted which allow swile to have data in crm that is always up-to-date. ‍ what is the point of updating such a data system? ‍ address its entire market the interests are many! First of all, you will have in base all of your addressable market…. Since you have all the entities of france. ‍

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better profiling and segmentation then, the density of data (turnover, workforce, activities, semantic data, etc.) makes it possible to enrich the existing customer base and to create a customer map . This makes it possible in particular to bring BTC Database AS out profiles of top customers… And bad ones in order to be able to score incoming leads and/or generate outbound campaigns on the most interesting market segments. With societeinfo com data, profiling and scoring doesn’t stop at the company level. Indeed, we offer more than 4 million sirenized and anonymized contact profiles allowing to automatically target the best interlocutor.

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