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Taiwanese don’t like to enhance their palms to ask questions Is it because “language” affects wondering

.Every Time There is a Qa in a Speech, or When the Audience is Asked if They. Have Any Questions, There Will Always Be a Period of Condensation, Which I Call the Embarrassing Minute, When. Everyone Starts Pretending to Write Notes, Play With Mobile Phones, and Bury Their Heads in the Table. In, Pretend to Discuss With the Next Door, Just Dont Make

Eye Contact With Me. Of Course, I Also Felt That Some People Were Eager to Try and Struggled for a Long Time Before Raising Their Hands to Ask Questions, and Some. People Seemed to Have Something to Say, but in the End, the Brain Successfully Suppressed the Curiosity in the Heart, Decided Not to Ask, and Then Ran to Ask You Questions After Class. I Believe That as Long as You Have Attended a Speech, or Sat in the Audience and. Listened to Any Speech, You Will Have Such an Experience. Most People Have Problems in


Their Hearts, or Dare Not Have Problems.

Why Do Taiwanese Find It So Difficult to Ask Questions E-Commerce Photo Editing in Front of Everyone Or Even Further, Why Are We Afraid to Ask Questions, or Even Be Asked Questions What Are We Thinking When We Ask Questions
Why Dont Taiwanese Like to Raise Their Hands and Ask Questions This Question Must Be Deeply Hidden in the Hearts of Every Taiwanese. There Are Also Many Discussions on the Internet. If You Search Casually, You Will See Some Sayings, Such as Taiwanese Students Dont Know What Critical Thinking is, Taiwanese Are Afraid of Being Watched by means of Everyone. ”, “we Are Afraid That Our Questions or Answers Will Be Considered Stupid with the aid of Others

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Is Training in Critical Thinking the Reason I Dont

Think It Should Be. Taking My Own BTC Database AS Experience as an Example, Even if There is a Problem in My Heart, It is Still Difficult to Raise My Hand to Ask a Question, Because Too Many Questions Are Likely to Be Regarded as Ignorant. Taiwanese Are Afraid of Being Watched through Everyone, We Are Afraid. That Our Questions or Answers. Will Be Considered Stupid with the aid of Others These Answers Are Scratching the Itch, but. They Do Not Completely Solve My Doubts.

What is the Reason for Such a Collective. Consciousness I Recently Saw a Statement That I Found Very Interesting. It Was the Experience of a Taiwanese Writer in France. The Book is Called Why Did. I Go to France to Take a Philosophy Class an Honest Journey to Get Rid of the Thinking Stratosphere and Debunk the Self . Lets Take a Look at an Interesting Story in the Book.

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