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Addressing such customer pain points is a good start, but it’s not enough. A mature digital experience can bring customers a feeling that far exceeds expectations. For example, global building materials company CEMEX has created a one-stop digital product called CEMEX Go for order placement, shipment tracking and invoicing for its key products. In such a one-stop digital product, all the needs of customers are met in an integrated manner, and the user experience is greatly improved. Digital proposition: Provide data-driven solutions, not individual products and services. Finally, B2B companies should extend digital transformation to the core of their business. In the past, companies may consider providing customers with specific products or services, but under the trend of digital transformation, companies need to provide customers with data-driven solutions to achieve the primary goal of increasing revenue generation.

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The digital transformation of this core business can effectively leverage a range of new technologies (such as the Internet, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc.) to capture and utilize customer data. A typical example is that packaging manufacturers have begun to use radio frequency technology in labels and containers to achieve efficient operation of the industry supply chain. A Gartner survey shows that companies Cyprus Mobile Number List focused on digital transformation strategies can expect 30% more revenue and 20% lower costs than those in the wait-and-see phase. Perhaps money is a good proof that in the future, digital transformation will become an ideal choice for more B2B companies. Don’t want to be behind the times? Fill out the form below, follow JINGdigital, and listen to our advice on B2B digital transformation.

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Although there is an explanation for this half sentence later, the “basic value proposition” feels confusing here, and it won’t make much difference if you change it or delete it directly. With the development of the times, marketing tends to be more and more personalized. In order to cope with the changing environment, ABM marketing (Account-based Marketing) came into being. In the 2020 State of  Survey, 94.3% of respondents reported that their companies are using ABM marketing strategies.

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