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Starting From The Core Needs Of Target Doctors

In 2021, Lilac Garden has made a lot of efforts and attempts. For example, Lilac Garden has created an emotional care column of “Doctors Please Answer”, an interactive motivational column of “Ten Thousand Doctors Answers”, and helped doctors immersely learn one by one in the form of “case detection”. live cases. In addition, a “Pioneer Doctor Program” is built around young and middle-aged doctors to cultivate Internet celebrity doctors; around doctors at a turning point in their careers, they can quickly acquire knowledge in a fragmented time through “answering questions”; around doctors, they need more In the peer-to-peer communication scene, live lectures through “big coffee face-to-face” can not only achieve peer communication but also enhance personal brand power.

How Can Companies Do Accurate Digital Marketing

Starting from the core needs of target doctors, make an accurate channel and content matching. At the user level, Dingxiangyuan divides the needs of doctors and users into three layers. From bottom to top, the first layer and basic needs are for grassroots doctors or junior and middle-level young doctors. What they need is job promotion, Basic career El Salvador Mobile Number List development related needs such as increasing income and reducing medical risks; the second level, advanced needs, are the needs of how to make achievements in the professional field, including increasing knowledge, producing academic achievements, and expanding contacts; the third level, high-level needs Demand is the ne to realize self-worth and win social respect, including increasing industry influence and public influence.

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Make Accurate Channel And Content Matching

At the product level, Lilac Garden divides the product life cycle into four stages. Which are the introduction period, the growth period, the maturity period, and the decline period. For example, the “introduction period” refers to the product launch period. Lilac Garden will think about how to attract the attention of target doctors and improve. Their awareness of the product before, during and after the product is launched. Another example is the “decline period”, the product may have entered the market. Medical insurance has been purchased with quantity. At this stage, Lilac Garden will focus more on improving. The awareness of patients or the public about this product and enhancing the added value of the brand.

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