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Linkedin social network It means that you have a complete profile with all of the require information. Beginner  Title, sector and location Intermediate. Position and training Advance. Photo Expert : More than 5 skills complete Absolute Expert. Summary Fill in all the blocks of your profile and above all be brief and concise to allow everyone to read diagonally and quickly. The first information shared from your Linkedin profile should bring out a detail that catches the eye. From this detail, from this point the person will seek to find out more and will be able to come back to your skills and expertise later.

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The  levels of Linkedin Profile: Absolute expert status Source Linkedin 1. The title of your Linkedin profile The title on Linkedin relates to your function, your expertise, your specialties etc or the role on which you seek to position yourself. It is therefore Greece Phone Number List important to add the right keywords to be easily found on the social network. A recruiter will search by function first. 120 characters are allocate to you to stand out on your title. Remember to consult the profiles of some of your colleagues and see how they make a difference in the terms use. Add a strong specialty or a highly searched term on Linkedin.

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Certain periods are conducive to certain profiles in terms of recruitment, or certain highly sought-after specialties such as SEO , web writing , etc. In the header of your profile you can also add a cover photo that will illustrate your page. This will enhance the BTC Database AS profile and its BTC Database AS overall presentation. Linkedin Title Source Linkedin 2. The course and training part On Linkedin, your background, your experiences represent the first reflection of your expertise. Do not neglect this part and be concise in your tasks by using action verbs. Put numbers if you had a sector to.

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