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Some of the elements from art that became more common were things such as symmetry, colors that meshed well together and icons in the center of the design. Although psychedelic designs continued into the 70s, designs also began to include people touting various products and the use of icons. One example of the use of famous faces to advertise a Spain Phone Number product appears in the 1977 craig stereo ad above, which uses an image of the iconic musician to promote the stereo. Note that the tagline is short, but the image of charles is large. Then, more details are added below the main ad. The 1980s the 80s were all about bold, bright colors that grabbed people’s attention. Personal computers became affordable for everyone, putting design tools into the hands of all.

In 1985, Microsoft Introduced

In 1985, microsoft introduced windows, which meant people no longer had to learn ms-dos to operate a computer. You just clicked on a few buttons and it was easy to design anything. The decade was also known for its big, blocky text. Imagine cartoon text reminiscent of graffiti art and you’ll get a feel for some of the typography of the decade. In 1984, apple released mac paint for macintosh computers, allowing designers to use computer graphics in an effortless way, such as with a mouse or graphics tablet. Postscript language allowed designers to place type and graphics on the same page and send it to print, rather than using a drafting table to assemble designs. License to drive 1980s example the 1988 movie poster above for license to drive is neon noir style.

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The Style Includes Fonts With

The style includes fonts with partial script in a bright, neon color and dark backgrounds that allow the neon colors to pop. The designs also frequently included elements such as palm trees, sports cars, and sunsets. The 1990s in 1990, photoshop 1.0 arrived on the scene. Back then, you could only use photoshop with macintosh computers. The birth of this new tool again changed designers’ ability to experiment with new techniques, including overlapping text, faded elements, and digital overlays. Grunge was also born in the ’90s, which showed up in movie poster designs, book covers, and album covers with dark looking images and simple color palettes, such as white on black, perhaps with a pop of red.

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