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How to calculate the bounce rate of a website?
Based on the concept of bounce rate and the reasons that explain its consideration, we conclude that to calculate this ratio we must divide the number of visitors who have not interacted with the content by the total number of visits to a given URL. Thus, its formula implies:

Tr = Si (users without interaction) / Tv (total visits)

Despite being a simple procedure, the comparison with a reference standard often generates many doubts because, after all, how can we know if the number is positive or negative?

Look At Some Aspects That You Must

Look at some aspects that you must take into account to identify if the result is satisfactory:

Number of pages on your website, in the case of a landing page, the rate will be high because there is nowhere else to go.
You publish respecting a periodicity so you educate your audience to consume the new content as soon as it is uploaded to the blog.
The relevance of keywords or third party links can affect SEM and/or SEO strategies. If the rate is too high, check how the content Turkey Phone Number spreads on other sites and channels.
Before explaining what are the best measures to reduce the bounce rate of your site, we would like to invite you to deepen your knowledge about this rate and other related topics by reading the following content:

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With that said, it’s time to present the long-awaited list. Let’s go!

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Access Your Content as a User

First of all, you must get rid of the tendentious gaze of the creator and observe the quality of the content and design of your website or blog objectively.

Evaluate the points that you think should be improved and look for ways to optimize the positive aspects.

2. Speed ​​up navigation
You must ensure that people quickly find the content they need. For that, produce content that fulfills what they promise in the ads or in the social media posts.

Likewise, it is recommended that you carry out usability tests to verify how easy and intuitive it is to navigate your site or blog for users.

3. Align keywords and content
Use the keywords relevant to the content proposal. For example, if your content refers to caring for a pet’s diet, insert words referring to this topic.

Even an excellent way to create publications with successful keywords is to know your buyer persona and understand what are the issues that they like the most.

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