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The banner is undoubtedly one of the elements

Graphic designer Therefore depending on the nature and dimensions of the creation, we do not have the same needs with regard to the size of the logo. The vectorized format offers a very appreciable flexibility . Also, in your specifications at the time of creation, it is strongly recommended to specify to your. Graphic designer that you want your logo in several formats, including vector . This may cost you a little more, but it will save you time later. Please note that there are many vectorized formats files are mainly used with Adobe Illustrator. If you don’t have the following, prefer another format. are very popular on the web, because they are light and fast to display . Finally, we can also transmit a vector, so that the client can easily open and observe it.

Your Facebook cover photo is one of the first things

Your community will see on your page . Logically, it must represent your structure well, but also meet certain more general criteria, which concern all pages in a universal way! Here are the top tips for an impactful Facebook banner , which will help you capture attention more easily. Use the correct dimensions To get started, know that a T-Shirt Design Service Facebook cover photo must measure 851 x 315 pixels . Before even starting the design, you have to start with a blank base of this size, in order to ensure that the rendering is optimal. Since each social network has its own rules when it comes to cover photos. Don’t risk using the same image for Twitter and Facebook, for example. However, you can think of all these banners in the same perspective, without ever. Forgetting to take into account the dimensions specific to each platform.

That can be modified quite often

T-Shirt Design Service

While ensuring each time that the same graphic charter is respected. Many brands use it to communicate about special operations (promotions, new products) or even to give another image of their company why not do a little BTC Database AS humor? On Facebook, it’s one of the keys of success. Use more immersive formats Facebook no longer only offers its users to set up a simple cover photo. On this site, you also have the possibility of launching a video or a slideshow . These richer supports can benefit you, provided they are produced by qualified designers.

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