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Business directories are excellent tools for building up a list of companies, a prerequisite for many applications: marketing campaign, market research, benchmarking of competitors, etc. There are many business listings available on the internet but they are of fairly uneven quality. In fact, the directories do not all have the same number of data or the same freshness. How to choose the directory that will precisely meet your needs? What are the best on the market? We explain everything to you in this article. What is a business directory? This is a companies database , which lists companies and information associated with them. In france, companies are listed in a national database called the sirene directory.

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This database, managed by insee, is made available to the public and is in fact the leading business directory in france. What information do we find? The directory of the sirene directory contains essential information on Shandong Phone Number List companies (which we will call standard data) but these will quickly appear limited according to the need that we have. This is how organizations are responsible for enriching it with new data (which we will call enriched data) and thus offer company directories that are much more complete than that of the sirene directory. Standard data these are the data from the directory and found in all business directories.

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It’s about : legal information: name, address, siren number, ape code, main activity, date of creation, etc. Establishments: list of establishments attached to a company, their addresses and siret the status: is it an active company, closed, subject to BTC Database AS legal proceedings? Enriched data from other official databases organizations are responsible for completing the directory of the sirene directory with data from other official databases such as the inpi, infogreffe, bodacc, etc. We find there: financial information: turnover, net income, workforce, etc. The name of the leaders bodacc announcements generic contacts: email, switchboard number.

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