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The China Digital Marketing Innovation And Growth Conference

On July 2, the “Vertical and Horizontal Growth | 2021 China Digital Marketing Innovation and Growth Conference” hosted by JINGdigital was held in Shanghai. Nearly 20 corporate market executives from Bain & Company, Tencent Enterprise WeChat, Tencent Qianfan, Siemens Healthineers, Abcam, DSM, Evonik, ScentAir, Intel Healthcare, North Bell, Marketing, etc. were the speakers. At the Yunji Summit, they conducted in-depth dialogues and exchanges on topics such as digital marketing, marketing technology, future industrial structure, smart enterprises, and supply chain, and jointly discussed digital innovation and transformation in their eyes. The one-day 2021 China Digital Marketing Innovation and Growth Conference not only attracted more than 600 corporate executives to attend the conference, but also attracted nearly 5,000 viewers to participate in the online live broadcast.

Participants Participate In The Field Interaction

Vivian from the marketing department of a well-known manufacturing company told reporters in an interview. The event held by Jingshuo is very innovative and left a deep impression on us. In addition to gaining a lot of knowledge at the conference. The Uganda Mobile Number List interactive area outside the conference also learn about the different experiences brought to users by. The truly first-class marketing automation technology. The personalized menus and automated customer journey functions they displayed, our company has also tried it before, but no matter from the technical maturity or the degree of novelty of the gameplay. It’s a far cry from what I experienced today.”

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Revenue Marketing Revenue-driven Marketing

It is reported that the marketing summit held by JINGdigital has set up a pop-up store with the theme of “Marketing Master House”. Through the concept of “pop-up store” + “marketing black technology” experience, participants are invited to experience and marketing automation technology respectively. Relevant personalized menus, customiz welcome journeys, interesting fission. B2B industry exclusive interactive journeys and other interactive functions that are widely loved by customers. Judging from the on-site participation data. The experience area triggered more than 1,800 interactions. Of which the fission data reached 1,800 times. There were more than 3,000 people, and participants. A deeper understanding of the current marketing automation technology. In a very interesting experience, and also clarified the initial ideas for the future application. This type of technology to help their own enterprise marketing transformation.

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