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Townsend explains that “too much of the cause-related-marketing, sustainability or csr (corporate social responsibility) activities of brands promote what the company is doing, rather than helping the consumer to make their own difference.” empower your customers with the feeling that investing in your products or services makes Townsend Explains That them a hero. Draw a clear, straight line from their point-of-purchase to the impact they’ll have on the world. The body shop and patagonia nailed it companies like the body shop create a hero connection through storytelling.

The company was founded with the mission of empowering small, global suppliers in order to promote sustainability. They’ve used storytelling as a way to invite consumers into the worlds of their suppliers. Giving buyers an intimat connection with their brand’s mission makes point-of-purchase feel like activism. Ad age’s article, “three ways to do purpose-driven marketing right” shares an example.

On Its Corporate Website

On its corporate website, for instance, you’ll learn about provides roses for the company’s british rose collection. The body   shop’s youtube channel has a video that tells the incredible story .The tungteiya women’s shea butter association in ghana which sources shea butter for the company while uplifting women in ghana. Those are just Mexico Phone Number two examples of how this company employs digital to tell the story of its commitment. Patagonia has a reputation for being a leader in purpose-driven marketing. That’s resulted   in a loyal consumer following. The company was recently in the news for declaring that they would only be selling. Their popular corporate logo vests to companies that shared their mission of responsibility.

Mexico Phone Number

They’re a Great Example Company

They’re a great example of a company that promotes their own mission of sustainability while simultaneouslyhelping their customers feel like purchasing their product can have a positive impact on the planet. Their instagram account wornwear shares ways that customers can upcycle and repair their merchandise. This type of customer engagement demonstrates to consumers how buying their product directly   contriwhat sets apart winning teams? When it comes to professional sports, it is not just the star players or superior coaches that ensure a team will win.

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