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The Concept of Marketing Hong Kong Phone Number

The concept of Marketing 5.0 is inspired by the idea of ​​Society 5.0. Which was created in 2016 by the Japanese government in the 5th Basic Plan for Science and Technology . As a vision of what the country should be in the future.

However, many times they end up interfering with family and work relationships and setting a pace that we can no longer follow.

You May Have Already Noticed

You may have already noticed, for example, how delivery apps like Food and Uber Eats deal with. The challenges of delivery people, right? What about accommodation booking platforms like Airbnb that are criticized in cities for causing gentrification ?

And the algorithms. Which require Hong Kong Phone Number an unbridled pace of content production, allow the spread of fake news and influence elections in different countries?

What about the use of data by companies. Which ends up violating people’s privacy and opening loopholes for fraud and cyber attacks?

These are examples of how technology and hypoconnectivity affect our lives, not always for the better.


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Therefore Marketing 5.0 Also Follows

Therefore, Marketing 5.0 also follows this line, but from the perspective of companies. Which can and should also contribute to the construction of this more inclusive and sustainable society.

How has Marketing evolved over the years?
Marketing evolved from product-centric (1.0) to consumer-centric (2.0), then human-centric (4.0), then marketing entered the digital age (4.0), but now finds itself caught up in the challenges that technology has brought to humanity (5.0).

This is a summary of the evolution of marketing over the years, which we will detail below. But do not understand each stage as definitive: there are companies that still think with the Marketing 1.0 or 2.0 mentality… There are even brands that focus only on their products or that have not yet entered the digital transformation …

Thus, it understands this division in stages of evolution as a marketing guideline for those businesses that want to adapt to changes in the world and succeed in the market. If you are one of these companies, then you will love what is coming.

Next, we will detail how we got to the current scenario of Marketing 5.0, with a resumption of all the previous steps.

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