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The Digital Capabilities Of The B2b Enterprise

In the latest corporate WeChat revision, brand sales staff can use corporate WeChat to directly send brand and product-related video content to customers, and customers can click to view directly on the personal WeChat interface, thus making the overall form of contact more abundant and vivid; at the same time , sales staff can also forward the content of the video account to the WeChat Moments of the enterprise to increase the exposure of brands and products without disturbing customers. Whether it is re-attracting active users or awakening sleeping users, sending video account content through corporate WeChat can help salespeople.

Establishing A Watershed In The Industry

After the user applies through the salesperson’s friend, the JINGsales social sales platform combined with the JINGtrack data capture tool can help the brand salesperson to filter the customer’s activity, product preference and other information anytime, anywhere, and receive key behaviors (such as browsing e-commerce mini-programs) , add to cart) real-time notifications. When the time is right, sales staff can follow up one-on-one and share Uruguay Mobile Number List product catalogs in the chat interface: on the one hand, it can better show customers the products they are interested in and related products, and help them make more informed decisions. decision-making; on the other hand, it is convenient for customers to complete the purchase directly, reducing the difficulty and cost of operation.

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The Marketing Highlight On Corporate Wechat

Enterprise WeChat mini-program access is more and more simple and convenient. Sales and SDR can send brand EC mini-programs, recent event registration mini-programs. Store introduction mini-programs to individual customers and customer groups. So as to replace template messages to complete event registration success, merchandise. Purchase success and other notification requirements. More importantly, template messages. As a passive interaction method triggered by users, have always had their limitations. While the group messaging and mini-program sending in corporate WeChat have realized the full sense of active interaction with brands anytime, anywhere. To support the operation of marketing activities.

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