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The Employee Who Never

Do you live your life on autopilot? Are you stuck in patterns that don’t make you happy? Do you want to reinvent yourself without immediately going on a retreat in a faraway country? Then change course: make rigorous choices.


Take control and create the life you want. That is the message that Janne Schuijn presents in her book (affiliate). This ‘mindset coach’ is a celebrity on Instagram and this book is already ready for the umpteenth print.

Ingrained and rusted

Janne fights fiercely against ingrained habits and entrenched patterns, such as insecurity, procrastination and indecision. Are you someone who often resigns yourself to the fact that things ‘just’ work out the way they do? Or that you are ‘just’ put together like that? Then she offers other ways of thinking and practical tips.

Get rid of ‘just’

For example, remove the phrase ‘just’ from your vocabulary for good. Name qualities of yourself that you want to improve or VP IT Email List stimulate, determine which activities belong to them – and plan these activities firmly in your agenda. In short: fill your to-do list with actions that support your higher purpose.

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Pushing blown

Such a ‘higher goal’ is of course something that many people struggle with. What is your mission, your ‘purpose’, why are you on earth? The book covers a lot of such big topics: motivation, criticism, perfectionism, even neuroplasticity. As a result, the pressure is blown and some things are a bit dull.

dream big

‘How to find out what you really want’: you can of course write a very long book about such a topic alone. Yet here it is cut and shaved into a few pages. Admittedly with good tips: turn off your critical voice, dream big, dare to say or write your deepest wish out loud, determine the steps you have to take (small steps at the same time, please!) and take control of the implementation.

Need action? Down with passive!

For action you need an active attitude. It is therefore better to ignore fear, worry and worry: these are passive activities. With this you tighten yourself and you often focus on circumstances over which you have less or no influence. ‘Be concerned’ or ‘worry about something’ then! It may seem like only a small difference in word choice, but those are examples of active behavior. They invite you to think: which actions help you in the right direction? Which direction offers you opportunities for improvement?

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