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Last important tip: complete your name. By that I mean that your name is never just your name, but also needs a descriptor and tagline . Sorry for the jargon (another tip, never use jargon).

Descriptor : What’s under your name? So Janssen, lawyers. Janssen is the (bad) company name and ‘lawyers’ is the descriptor. With a simple tweak, you can even claim an entire niche in your descriptor. Janssen, lawyers for women in divorce. Or lawyers for politicians who make unpopular decisions. You see, even with a bad company name, the descriptor can do wonders.

The Dutch Data Protection Authority notes that citizens are more aware of online privacy. Legislation is gradually improving the protection of your data worldwide, in this article you can read why this is necessary. I also prove with examples from Husqvarna and Gazelle that cookies are actually not necessary and can go into the trash.


Consumers notice more often that online privacy is not self-evident. Politics follows with the Digital Services Act, which should increase online security. Among other things, by  app tracking without the visitor’s consent and dark patterns for cookie consent. The law is ready to be approved in the European Union.

‘I have nothing to hide’, you may think. ‘My data can have ‘them’.

But are you sure? Do you also let strangers snoop through your personal items at home? I can guess the answer: no, of course not. But why would you agree with that when it comes to your digital privacy?

A look back

Around 2018, the scandal surroundinne key to that data was a seemingly harmless app that tested your personality. Ultimately, data IT Directors Managers Email Lists from some 87 million people could be used to influence the American elections.

IT Directors Email Lists

The tagline or slogan


completes your company name. You also often see these on the vans where you are stuck in the back of a traffic jam. Watch out, you’ll be seeing a lot of them over the next few days.

Your company name is therefore extremely important for your marketing. It’s what your customers are always talking about first. The ultimate test is how you feel about the name. That feeling often determines your marketing. Do you share the name with pride? Fantastic. Do you have doubts about the sound, the meaning or the spelling? Then it might be a good idea to brainstorm about it again

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