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The four herbal delicacies Paraguay Phone Numbers

The whole family and futong. Garden have cooperated with each other to launch four herbal delicacies. Using the simplest ingredients and the most natural. Cooking methods. We create delicious, unburdened summer light meals. With a charming Paraguay Phone Numbers aroma and fight against. The hot summer without appetite. The four herbal delicacies include. The “Iced pandan latte. Which I want to have a cup of to cool off the heat every day.

The iced pandan latte

is added with pandan leaves, known as the king of spices in southeast asia, to enhance the icy scent with its refreshing fragrance, which swept away the unavoidable heaviness of milky coffee. The unique smell of pandan leaves makes you feel like you are in a southeast asian country.

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passion fruit custard

In an instant, as if in the quiet and cool forest, stealing half a day of leisure. Img_5094 photo credit: whole family the finale is the cold pasta with basil seafood. In this cold pasta, which is very suitable for summer tasting, the basil green sauce is combined with shrimp, squid, and the fragrant muscadine

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