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The Hard Broadband Brand Promotion Has

Initially, only the Internet industry will pay attention to the “operation” function. For example, when Didi Taxi was launched, there were thousands of products with similar functions on the market. How to stand out from them? The key link of the competition is to operate this “art of details and rules.

It is meticulous to the typesetting sequence of the text in each poster, extracts the rules of user behavior from constant trial and error, and creates a new business model artistically.

From an amazing conversion rate data to challenging traditional industry giants with the help of new methodologies such as “private domain”, countless Internet miracles, big and small, were born in the hands of operators.

Clearance Rate It Shows That There Is No Shortcut

Now, with the huge, complex and unknowable digital wave sweeping across all industries, B2B is no exception. In the future, whoever takes the lead in mastering the “B2B operation” capability and navigating the ocean of data will be the ultimate winner in the enterprise market.

This is also a pain point for businesses Macedonia Mobile Number List today. As long as you spend money, you can purchase the most cutting-edge MarTech technology, but you cannot buy and put the most cutting-edge marketing ideas combined with technical tools into the minds of employees. in short.

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Reading Rate Of Different Types Of Content

According to the MarketingProfs report, a whopping 81% of B2B marketers say they are not fully prepared for their future marketing efforts. Therefore, the B2B Marketing Technology Research Institute and JINGdigital have compiled this “B2B Industry. WeChat Official Account Operation Report” to dismantle the truth of the operation.

Many things, in the past, could only be answered by the intuition of talented marketers. Today, we use data to reveal the laws.

The report found that B2B companies are generally conscious and willing to provide readers. With “dry content”, and this type accounts for more than 50%. However, the comprehensive score of dry content (reading rate × 48-hour retention rate) is extremely low, ranking at the bottom of all content types.

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