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In 2021, what “seismic” changes have occurred in the WeChat public account? The limelight of the template message going offline has passed, and it can still be us normally. The 48-hour customer service interface has been shorten urgently, and only two entries remain. Message reply in the official account and payment in the official account. After the introduction of the personal protection law, the nickname and The avatar will not be returned without authorization. Many people are thinking that with the frequent introduction of various restrictions and scare. On the official account, is WeChat official account marketing less competitive? But there are also many people who are still insisting, adapting to the changes in the rules, and insisting on maintaining their public accounts.

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The welcome journey is the first interaction node between the official account and the fans. It can be compared with the online communication tools on the brand website, but it can be set more flexibly than the online communication tools on the web page. For example, brands can set up different welcome words and interactive links according to the Albania Phone Numbers List source of fans’ attention. Common sources of attention include. official account search, business card sharing, the official account name in pictures and texts, post-payment attention, WeChat advertisements, etc. We can figure out and compare the fan preferences of the first two. Of course, if the brand has a ready-made user portrait tool to analyze fan preferences, it can set a more accurate user journey.

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Generally speaking, most of the fans searched by the official account have some understanding of the brand and want to continue to pay attention to the brand trend through the official account. The follow-up interaction can be more inclined to brand promotion and professional display, such as official videos, customer cases, etc. Business card sharing is mainly from friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Such fans have high trust and expectations for the brand and have a high interest in the products or services provided.

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