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The Number Of Reads And Likes At The Bottom

The “message discussion” function, which has been tested in grayscale since August 2020, is more like a compensation for the deactivation of the message function in 2018. Judging from the “Message Discussion” page, this function displays 3 answers by default. If you want to know more about the Q&A content, you can click to view it at the bottom of the page. The number of Q&A is 100. At present, whether the message discussion function should be fully open on the subscription account and service account has not yet been conclud. Nevertheless, starting from the account type of the WeChat public platform “Service Account”, there are still many notable feature updates throughout 2020.

The Official Account Article Appears

At present, the “Hashtag” function of the official account is display in the “Album Function” module, and operators can freely create hashtags for graphics, video, and audio. This hashtag is similar to the hashtags you see on social platforms such as Sina Weibo and Douyin. It can form a collection page of one type of content. The difference is that the Benin Mobile Number List topic tag of the public platform can add a “continuous reading function at the end of the article”, that is, “page turning function”. After the user has finished reading a certain graphic, the continuous reading function can greatly facilitate the user to jump between the graphic and text without closing the page. As shown in the figure below, we show the aggregation page of the hashtag and the page with the continuous reading function at the end of the hashtag.

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At The Bottom Of The Cover

Video account and public account open” function. In 2020, in the entire WeChat ecosystem, the speed of updating the functions of video accounts is far ahead. After entering October, the rules for opening up video accounts and public accounts have indeed made the first wave of mutual diversion of content and video channels to test the water. From content consumers to short video consumers, this is a boost to the entire traffic market. In operation, you can refer to the application diagram produced by JINGdigital in the following figure.

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