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The One Ingredient Your Content Marketing Croatia Phone Number

Content marketing doesn’t usually fail because of content quality. The main reason is because it’s inconsistent or it stops. ”

Most marketers just don’t want to hear that. With all the exuberance around content marketing, they want to hear that if they execute against a reasonable strategy, success will come in six months or less. This is almost never the case.

To patient companies go the spoils

Over the past few weeks, mattress e-commerce company Casper has launched a content brand called Van Winkle’s, all about sleep culture. This type of move is not surprising. Content brands are the new skinny pants, with  Airbnb launching Pineapple, Uber launching Momentum, and Intel launching IQ… adding to Coca-Cola Travel and American Express Open Forum (and the list goes on).

Can the countless success stories of content marketing be fake?

If you’re a regular CMI reader, you know the story. We launched the CMI content marketing blog in 2007. It took three years to successfully Croatia Phone Number monetize it. Soon after, we launched the Chief Content Officer magazine and then the Content Marketing World event.

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Three years. Did we do something wrong at CMI that took so long to show substantial results from our content marketing?

About a year ago, we started interviewing some of the most successful companies in the world that used a content-driven approach. We spoke to them about my fourth book, Content Inc. (which will be released in September on Content Marketing World). These companies have ONLY launched blogs, podcasts, events, or content-focused email newsletters to start and grow a business. These companies came from a variety of industries, including food, fashion, technology, manufacturing, and more.


Either way, it took over 12 months to build a loyal following and see the return. On average, it took 15-17 months for platforms to actively show revenue gains due to the approach.

The majority of these companies were start-ups or individual entrepreneurs. Other than their current content-driven approach, they had no marketing, advertising, or PR budget. Their only choice was to be patient and slowly, over time, build a loyal audience (what Brian Clark calls a minimum viable audience [MVA]). It is only when this MVA has been established that success can be demonstrated.


But there is something else …

Back to the Casper scenario. It’s not just that he’s taking a long-term approach to succeeding with the platform, he’s not even trying to monetize the platform yet.

Brian’s Copyblogger Media, the holding company behind one of the fastest growing software-as-a-service organizations, blogged for 19 months without actively trying to generate revenue. Clearly, it worked for Brian and his growing team.


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Easier said than done. I know I know. This type of mentality is almost impossible to find in large organizations. Many content programs are funded by product marketing around campaigns that last no more than 12 months. Two things happen with this.

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