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The Operation The Main Theme Of The Next Decade

The main suggestions summarized above are: first, refine the education of doctors, not only on the level but also on the type; second, the trend of online academic conferences is still the same, content and operation; third, from broadcasting with information, To disseminate with accurate content, and at the same time pay attention to emotional dialogue in addition to rationality.

Lilac Garden helps Chinese doctors grow. Currently, it has launched service sectors such as academic exchanges, continuing education, medication guidance and career development, creating a B2D2C double-end closed-loop marketing that affects doctors and then the general public. Lilac Garden cooperates with pharmaceutical companies to serve doctors at the same time. Empower patients and the public through the influence of physicians.

What Can Lilac Garden Do In Doctor Education

Up to now, Dingxiangyuan is the only platform that serves both D-end doctors and C-end pan-healthy people. It mainly has two platforms, Dingxiangyuan, which focuses on professional medical people, and Dingxiang Doctor, which serves pan-healthy people. Lilac Garden has 5.5 million registered members and 1.47 million certified doctors. Through the data tracking of these real HCPs, the “Nine Chapters” digital marketing platform has been built, which Luxembourg Mobile Number List carries four functions of traffic center, data center, content center and tool center. Through account login, you can dynamically understand the behavior changes of doctors, patients or audiences participating in a digital marketing project in real time, conduct statistical analysis of data, and help pharmaceutical and device companies to efficiently, multi-effect, and effectively communicate and reach key academic information and product content.

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Channels And Enable Digital Marketing

Imagine a crazy involution business world. Just pushing a poster with the official account can keep you busy day and night. A whole week, because thousands of details need to be finalized one by one. Are you sending different poster versions to different people? How fine should this distinction be, and the most cost-effective? How to set up SOP (User Journey) after following? Which version of the copy data works best? Which visual has the highest click-through rate? Which time period to send? In fact, do not imagine, this is the status quo of many companies.

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