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A slogan or an incentive phrase, it is preferable to keep only the contact information , nothing more. Everyone keeps business cards in their wallet and at the bottom of their bag: they are precious to avoid going into oblivion! So if you doubt the relevance of yours, seek the advice of a designer: he will be able to guide and support you in the creation of a new striking, current and differentiating visual. The appearance of platforms like is ​​causing a disruption of practices in terms of website creation : today, anyone can devote themselves to it, even without any knowledge related to development . Should we embark on this adventure with our eyes closed, at the risk of jeopardizing our credibility? Small comparison between turnkey platforms and professional sites, in order to know which strategy to use.

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One would think that is ​​more accessible than a professional site . Indeed, the main argument of the platform is based on its simplicity of handling. No need to be a developer and know how to write code to make your own So yes, opens its doors to a wider range of users, regardless of their skill level. But when you call on a professional to create your Illustrator Art Work site , you can discuss with him the most suitable platforms, or even benefit from training to handle the tools and keep the power to act on your site. So do not believe that site is simple in essence and that a professional site is always incomprehensible for a neophyte: the reality is much more nuanced.

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Illustrator Art Work

A site will cost you less than a site made by a professional . The platform even offers completely free offers. Which already allow you to have a basic showcase site without spending a penny. Then, for 10 to 15 € per month, users are entitled to a domain BTC Database AS name and more or less bandwidth, depending on their needs. A tailor-made site developed in a web agency naturally costs more, but for obvious reasons. In addition to the domain name and bandwidth, you can access personalized advice , services of all kinds for an optimal site. Audits and SEO strategies, personalized visuals, a graphic charter, qualitative content, etc.

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