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The first digital event exclusively dedicated to innovations in the packaging sector, the packaging of the future will take place on november 18 and 19, 2020. An exclusively online event, it consists of webinars articulated around four themes. The opportunity for packaging players to benefit from increased visibility with players in the sector and generate as many leads as possible! Why an event specifically dedicated to packaging? After a difficult 2019, the packaging industry is facing new challenges. While packaging players must combine with drastic plans to reduce the costs and volumes of plastic packaging in order to reduce the environmental impacts of their activity, the covid-19 health crisis has led to an increase in demand.

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In the hygiene, agri-food or health sectors (elipso survey) . Developing innovations that meet all of these constraints then becomes an essential challenge to take up in order to stand out from the competition. A tailor-made event for industrial packaging players the “packaging of the future” digital event was designed with the aim of giving the floor to packaging players wishing to highlight their Panama Phone Number List latest innovations. Four related themes have thus been determined so that a participant can be equally interested in each of them: new materials connected packaging recyclable packaging innovative packaging machines maximize your conversion rates with the webinar! The webinar or webinar is a powerful acquisition lever offering high conversion rates.

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According to ready talk, 30-40% of visitors to a webinar landing page sign up, 40-50% of registrants attend the conference, and 20-40% of them become qualified leads. Simple and inexpensive to set up, the webinar allows you to offer your targets quality content, while benefiting BTC Database AS from a high return on investment. You strengthen the credibility of your brand by positioning yourself as an expert. 77% of prospects believe that a brand that produces videos is more committed. To its mission (semrush) and 39% of decision makers contact. A salesperson after seeing a company video (forbes). Or participants to ask questions and get answers also make this format very attractive.

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