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On my posts with a peak of views. And all this for FREE, I remind you! No other social network like Linkedin allows it in 2020. I know webmarketing well . We often talk about traffic sources to develop a business. This is the case on Facebook and Instagram, use more and more to. Buy cold traffic (in other words: to identify prospects who do not know you. I believe in “native content” directly on Linkedin. Obviously you have to test the other channels. I suspect that distrust of advertising will be stronger and stronger. For example, when I work with students, many tell me that they don’t trust these messages.

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They will focus more on proximity and authentic content. You can do this on Linkedin! Your differentiation is here! Linkedin contacts and professional addresses Visibility is certainly not enough, but it brings credibility at all levels. I see it every day! Also become Cameroon Phone Number List a media on Linkedin by being regular and tenacious. Tell stories. Generate emotions to hit profitable targets. Expand your network to build opportunities. A very good start to start and  positive impact. 2 bonus tips: Posts and external links Here are 2 additional tips to improve your visibility on the social network and better understand how it works. Like any social network, you have on one side the algorithm that will detect your.

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Habits and your interactions. This is in order to analyze them in order to offer you content adapte to your centers of interest. On the other hand, you have the leitmotif of all digital channels: Spend as much time as possible on a platform to offer you a set BTC Database AS of services. 1. External links in your Linkedin publications Avoid adding external links in your posts. What interests Linkedin is the time spent by users on the platform. The longer your time of use, the more you will be confronte with advertising: This is its priority economic model. Prioritize content without an external link. This is what I do for all.

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