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The meeting then makes it possible to create this relationship of trust and to erase. Little by little a balance of power which could have interfere. Create intra-community link The intra-community link is the link that will be create. Between the members of a community . If we take for example community management. The community manager exchanges with his community and vice versa. It is not the exchange between members of a community that is put forward. Such as on groups or forums, because the CM must retain control of its social spaces. influencer and members of his community.

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By allowing members to get to know each other and discuss together IRL, we will thus strengthen the link, retention, and belonging to the community. For an influencer, it’s a way to weave a strong relational bond between the members, under cover of his Vietnam Phone Number List personality and his influence. The influencer becomes the initiator and the members will thus have a real feeling of belonging to a real community rather than a virtual one. A lever for brands to use Brand and influencer relationships nee to be strengthene to increase the reach of campaigns, but also to increase the engagement of community members.

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This Was Enough To Develop A Parallel Business

There are different ways to achieve this for brands to take advantage of. By organizing meetings with several members of a community , it is entirely possible to ensure promotional sessions for brande products. There are different possibilities such as testing products with an influencer working for a brand, in order to improve the product and bring it to maturity. During its final test by the influencer , the latter may be supporte and relaye by BTC Database AS the members who participate and thus collect positive opinions which will reinforce the influencer’s words. Confidence will thus be stronger and the members considere in the process of improving or even creating a product. Brand collaboration with influencer and their.

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