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On Social Networks Video Is The Preferred

Disseminate information internally and everyone is free to share. Hence the interest in raising awareness and training by explaining mutual interests. Among the 2018 trends through social networks.We can undoubtedly raise that they will again be the subject of spaces covete. By marketing professionals. Individuals, for their part, will make more use of the tools made available by social networks (a logical follow-up to 2017 in the end). So we should expect a more intense use of stories through social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. A universe that will evolve on 2018 trends will be Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots that will connect together.

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Some tools relate to social networks will be update such as instant messaging in particular. Finally, brands will no longer hesitate to call on micro-influencers rather than macro-influencers to promote their products and services on social networks. A Kenya Phone Number List question of commitment and proximity to their community. General 2018 trends: Stories, AI and Chatbot, videos and virtual reality and the drop in reach A first point on the key trends that will continue to soar in 2018 with Stories, which have been a turning point within major social networks, but also artificial intelligence couple with chatbots as well as videos and virtual reality. Finally heading for the collapse of the organic reach.

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To Not Miss Anything And To Run

Snapchat Instagram and Facebook Stories are a vertical, mobile-only form of content that mixes both photos and ephemeral live videos that are only available online for 24 hours after transmission. They took their first steps via the Snapchat social BTC Database AS network, which has just receive an update very recently. And since Instagram and Facebook got into it. On Instagram, time spent watching videos has increase by 80% since January 2018 compare to 2017. 4 times more videos are create there per day! The trend in 2018? In any case with the 2018 trends, it is to be expectes. Thus, brands will have to ask themselves the right questions.

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