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Audiences and criticism behind bogus reports that will still be talke about. What is a good influencer. While it is difficult to answer this question precisely from different angles. We nevertheless discover that some influencers do not hesitate to rely (too much) on their influence. At the expense of legitimacy and real expertise. Can you really be an expert in everything and surf all areas to bite into the apple. This is how we no longer buy a product. A service or anything that can be recognize as being of quality. We come to buy a name. Unfortunately, it is here that influence marketing no longer exists in my opinion.

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Takes over and it is no longer a question of being legitimate on a subject but of being bankable! Welcome to the show business of influence ! Influencer: a vector of business? Undeniably yes on the side of brands or companies, because you have to sell to ensure your Uruguay Phone Number List sustainability and that’s a fact! From the influencer’s point of view and even when he is a content creator, all work deserves a salary in return. However, what remains of ethics, affinities with a product, a brand and where is the happy medium so that it does not become (only) a vector of business? Influencer that attracts money: the gree It is undoubtedly very difficult to affirm that an influencer retains a certain ethics or morality in the broad sense, because if he becomes professional, the nee for money and therefore to live is immediate.

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Can we therefore say no to all the opportunities that arise, under the guise of ethics or morality? I let you be the judge on this point! A good influencer will remain in my eyes a good content creator, and a passionate person who does his job well. The BTC Database AS word influencer is only a term that can certainly qualify these people, but unfortunately not their work above all! Professionalization and the vital needs of the influencer Objectively, I don’t believe in it when a vital nee is attache to it and you have to make yourself better known to increase your influence. We can then analyze the different types of influencers and detect their needs and see the actions on which they are positione (see below). I still remain balance however.

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