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The Scale Of These Measures

Analyzing and interpreting data from visitors makes it possible to tailor content and campaigns to target groups increasingly finely. This indispensable trend in market research is the result of several developments.
Accountability is therefore becoming increasingly important. Decisions must be substantiated and marketing must provide evidence. Accountability for the marketing budget is important for organizations, especially in uncertain times. Data-driven marketing can be highly efficient, but the long-term view of brand growth should not be lost sight of.

Unlock and connect data

In addition, more and more is possible with data. Especially now that larger mountains of data are flowing in at companies, the trick is to unlock that data and connect it well to make it work for you. The link with market research is crucial. Think, for example, of connecting research data with internal and external data, financial data and actual behaviour. Such links are essential not only to predict the future success of a product, but also to determine your brand positioning, determine the effectiveness of your communication and improve customer loyalty.

Link between data, insight and results

A next step is to make data actually work for you with data-driven campaigns via, for example, a customer data platform. m is the link between data, insight and results that can be used by marketers, campaigners and data analysts alike. With the help of modules, customer journeys and campaigns can be fully mapped, followed and maximized. This includes getting to know visitors well and automatically enticing them to complete their conversion path and also retarget them.


Trend 4: humanizing data

Now that data-driven working and decision-making is the norm, in many companies and even in education, the counter-need automatically arises to use market research to bring back the people behind the data, in other words humanizing data. This is possible on the basis of specialized PR Directors Email Lists qualitative market research based on behavioral science. This is about understanding and mapping biases and perceptions.

Actions can change behavior

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The starting point is that people are not fully aware of their behaviour, how they make a choice and how they feel about a brand. Behavior and the decision-making process can be identified, interpreted and analysed, using scientifically based models. Actions and strategies can then change behavior or perceptions. Think, for example, of increasing brand preference or converting interest into actually purchasing a product or service.

Insights that cannot be captured through data

Behavioral sciences form the basis of these qualitative studies. The client is an important factor in this as a discussion partner and source of inspiration. With the help of context mapping and contextual research, stories and events inspire the researcher to better understand the consume

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