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The Search Engine Positioning Greece Phone Number

The search engine positioning factors, for some years now, have become the number one objective of countless companies that want to be easily found by users on the Internet.

In that sense, two techniques appear as the contenders in the race to gain visibility and traffic to a website and, therefore, the battle between SEO vs SEM is still at the center of the discussion about which method is the best.

If we take into account that according to various estimates in Google there are 5.6 million searches per day, but more than 90% of the Greece Phone Number attached websites do not receive organic traffic, this brings us to the table a great dilemma: how to bring the user to click on my site?

Well, the answer is: being first!

A recent study by Ahrefs shows that being on the first page of Google results increases the chances of receiving clicks by 49%.

And, the best way —and the only way— to be at the top of the SERP is through strategies that involve the use of SEO or SEM.

Now, what are these positioning strategies? Read on and learn!

SEO: What is it?
And what is SEM?
SEO vs SEM: How are they different?
How to use SEO and SEM in your strategies?
Which one suits you best?

SEO: What is it?

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques and tools aimed at improving websites in order to adapt them to the special requirements of search providers and position them better in the results pages.

The actions that fall into this category are focused on executing on page and off page actions that favor obtaining organic traffic volume and guarantee greater visibility to Internet users.

The same concept defines what the purpose of SEO is: organic traffic. In other words, attracting clicks from people who, browsing the Internet and without any promotion or advertising involved, decide to enter the site to answer a question, clarify a concern or satisfy a need.

And what is SEM?
On the other hand, SEM is about marketing for search engines as its name indicates (Search Engine Marketing) and is based on those actions, disciplines and strategies focused on positioning ads to attract clicks and conversions.

However, contrary to what many think, the differences between SEO vs SEM do not have to do with one being the opposite of the other, in fact, SEM needs a lot of SEO to be successful.

You see, SEM is mainly used to position ads in search engines based on keywords and take “shortcuts” to the top of the SERPs.

Therefore, when we do searches on Google we will see links to websites with the word “Ad” before the link; making it clear that it is a paid advertising.

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These Sites Are Generally Landing Pages

Contrary to seo, which is a medium or long-term strategy. Sem is capable of generating very fast results and attracting users bearing in mind. That sem is not always synonymous with effectiveness. But still leaving the optimization of the site on our side. To offer a good user experience .

And, speaking of differences, below we will tell you which are the main ones so .That you can easily separate both strategies in your head just by hearing their name.

SEO vs SEM: How are they different?
Knowing both, it is easier to appreciate the differences and similarities that they may have that enrich multiple Digital Marketing strategies .

Point by point, we are going to explain the differences:

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