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The Specific Implementation

There is a lot at stake, especially when you start a new job. Everything is new so you have a lot of questions. For HR, such onboarding is quite a task. With a virtual assistant you ensure that HR has more breathing room. New employees can get acquaint with the organization at their own pace and ask questions to their digital colleague if they are unable to find a solution. Think of questions such as: What are the opening hours? How long is there a break? Where do you request leave? All kinds of frequently ask questions to which a chatbot knows the answer in most cases.


Many organizations still use the performance and assessment interviews every year. A busy period for the HR department in which many repetitive tasks are pass and there is a lot of mutual communication. This can be done much more efficiently. With a chatbot you reduce the workload by automating these procedures. Let a chatbot collect 360 degree feedback in a way that suits your organization. These answers can then be includ by the managers in the performance and appraisal interviews. This saves a lot of time. Furthermore, everything can be directly link to the internal tools so that it no longer has to be process manually.

The HR Assistant

Employees often have the same questions about holidays, for example. Let the  calculate holidays, submit holiday Australia Accountant Email Lists requests and share policy documents and contractual matters with employees. Link the chatbot to the HR tool and everything is processed automatically.

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IT support

What is the WIFI password? How do I install my email? Give your IT department more peace of mind by automating answering frequently asked questions from employees. In this way common technical problems can be solved without the intervention of human colleagues.

Help desk

A help desk works both ways. For example, a chatbot can answer general questions from employees. Think of questions about parking, registering visitors or the use of spaces. But you can also use the chatbot to send a message to all your employees. For example, about certain developments within the company. In both cases you save a lot of time with the help of the chatbot. You don’t have to contact employees individually or answer questions.

There are plenty of advantages and examples to think of to use a chatbot as your new digital colleague. A chatbot relieves your employees with questions and tasks that can easily be automated, allowing them to tackle more complicated tasks. In this way they deliver value to the organization in a different way and job satisfaction is increased

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