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The State of Content Marketing Stronger With Russia Phone Number

The reinvention of marketing is a road, not a door.

We’ve certainly had a few adventures over the past year as we’ve helped businesses of all sizes work on elements of their content marketing journey. One of the greatest insights I’ve come across is how many content marketers go clueless when they go from “struggle” to “success.” It’s as if one day they wake up and realize that they operate in a completely different way and, yes, it works.

That’s what I mean by that first sentence. You start down this path of reinventing your marketing approach, and each day you are closer to your destination and further from where you were. And success does not eliminate the challenge. I’ll tell you that every example of successful content marketing shared in every keynote and at every conference presents policy challenges, silos, measurement issues, and overarching budget challenges. This reinvention is, indeed, a road, not a door.

But more and more, when I see marketing departments struggling with the beginning of the content marketing approach, it’s simply because they apply Russia Phone Number the same old marketing structures, rules, processes and tactics – layering ” assets” of content to  feed it. Content marketing just becomes another “campaign support team”. In this case, someone finally (and rightly so) asks, “How is this different from other campaign support teams?”

It’s not. We must change.

The State of Content Marketing 2015

As we did last year, we are honored to present our annual State of Enterprise Content Marketing .
The State of Enterprise Content Marketing – 2015 from Content Marketing Institute


Our thinking is largely informed by the discussion at our Executive Forum in March. But it’s also the culmination of our observations from Content Marketing World 2014 and our consulting and advisory work over the past year.

The extraordinary insights and identification of challenges would not have been possible without the generous contributions of this forum class, as well as last year’s forum participants. Their contribution does not represent their tacit endorsement of the ideas, but as a collective group they are responsible for the value contained in this report.

Winding but promising road ahead

Last year, we proclaimed the forecast for content marketing to be “cloudy with a chance for change.” There was a real and palpable struggle overcoming the cultural barriers of starting a content marketing program. Measurability was the biggest issue and continues to be a huge challenge.

But over the past year we have seen huge progress and the mood seems to have improved dramatically. The business case has shifted from “why start” to “how to effectively scale” content marketing.

The “content shock” is more of a buzz than a bite.

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Yes, it is noisy there. Publishing and distribution tools now theoretically make anyone a mass publisher. And, yes, in a world where content multiplies exponentially and time remains limited, it’s harder to be remarkable. Yes, a big brand can pay more to beat the noise, but bigger budgets can’t pay to have more relevance and value to a customer. It’s a leveling of the playing field, not an in-game fix. Noise affects everyone equally. So brands that get “good content” and deliver value to a highly targeted audience will be the ones that succeed.

To advance

Yes, the state of content marketing in 2015 is stronger, with a tough twist of scale. It’s easy to be remarkable once. The trick is always remarkable.

As we heard more than once at the Executive Forum, “ Success is driven by acting like a startup – developing content ‘products’. “Sometimes it happens in secret and sometimes it’s in the open.

What is clear is that unique, impactful, differentiating and content-driven experiences are becoming as important as product development itself. Successful marketers will adapt and change in an ever-evolving media operation that focuses on creating enjoyable experiences to inform, entertain, engage and evolve the customer – that’s the enduring competitive advantage of marketing. ‘company.

As for us at CMI, we have the feeling that it is time to develop this revolution. We have the fuel. Now is the time to turn it on and go. Ahead. The road waits.

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