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Peopformat them as an open ende question. In all cases, the visuals will allow you to gain engagement and thus give credit to your Linkedin profile. Take the opportunity to share it from time to time without abusing it either. 2. Infographics Infographics are arguably the most interesting and impactful visual elements. They make it possible to gain enormously in virality and by extension in visibility. Infographics are excellent visual levers to make themselves known thanks to this virality, because many will share them and use them more on their media. Nevertheless, it is to be hope that everyone will attribute the.

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Credits to them as they should. In any case, affix your logo and the URL of your website if you have one. The subjects attache to your infographics can turn on your universe by seeing broadly. The idea is to grab the numbers from your industry and format them Norway Phone Number List into infographics. Online graphic solutions like Piktoshart , Canva , Crello or Pixteller will allow you to make beautiful infographics. 3. Videos Videos are a trend and a type of content that is quick and easy to consume if you master it. You have to know how to keep it short and be impactful at the same time. Everything depends of course on the subject treate , but.

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In any case it is necessary to try to capture its audience by topical subjects. We can use the video to make tutorials, interviews, deal with a specific subject, give the floor to an expert, do live etc… There is no limit to what you can put forward. At this stage it may BTC Database AS be interesting to survey your audience to find out what type of subject they want to see. Tutorials and tips are levers that work very well in the digital world, for example. 4. Build a Linkedin network to gain visibility Really build your Linkedin network from the moment your profile is complete and you have some content to your credit. No nee to search for thousands of followers.

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